Relocation doesn’t only mean moving yourself, your family and your possessions to another country. It means starting a new life, getting adjusted to a new culture, learning a new language, making new friends, and lots more. It is not easy to adapt yourself to a different country. If you are thinking of moving to Europe, then here are some blogs that you might find useful reading.

Surviving in Italy

This blog is for light-hearted people. You will find it very informative and entertaining. If you are thinking of moving to Italy then you should read this blog. The blogger has written about her personal journey from America to Italy. You will understand the difference between American culture and European culture by reading this blog.

London New Girl

Moving to London from any part of the world can be challenging. The British culture and way of life are quite different than the other parts of the world. Here you will get advice on where to live, what to eat, how to vote, how to get a job, and lots more.

Paris in Four Months

This blog will teach you how to survive in France. You will get lots of tips to help you settle down in this new country. The blog is full of lovely pictures and you will be delighted to read the blog.

Invadingng Holland

The blogger moved from England to Holland more than 15 years back. This blog is a diary of this journey to this new place. You will learn all the good things and bad things about this country from this blog.

These blogs are very informative and written in an amusing way. You will feel as if you are reading a travel magazine. If you decide to move to Europe, read some of these blogs to get familiarized with the new country.