4 differences between European and American customs and cultures

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If you are an American and now thinking of moving to Europe, then you should be familiar with the customs and cultures of Europe. There are various ways it differs from that in America. Here are the major differences.

Working hours

You will find most Americans working beyond their normal working hours. The Europeans, on the other hand, don’t work more than 40 hours a week. The employees also get better salary, benefits and work environment compared to the Americans.


You will see less number of cars on the roads of Europe than in America. The reason is that the public transportation in Europe is very good and you can go to most places using bus or train. The outstanding railway system connects the different European countries to each other. Europe is also more pedestrian friendly.


Europeans are less religious compared to the Americans. Most Europeans don’t think that religion is an important part of life. You will see fewer people visiting churches or other religious places compared to those in America.


Europeans have a better taste for clothes than the Americans. They also take dressing up seriously. Even if they go to a mall, they will dress up well, unlike the Americans. Even the kids in schools are very conscious about the way they dress up in Europe.

Once you move to Europe, you must get accustomed to these cultures and customs. Europeans are very friendly and they will help you in every way so that you can easily adapt to the lifestyle of the new country.