4 differences between European and American customs and cultures

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If you are an American and now thinking of moving to Europe, then you should be familiar with the customs and cultures of Europe. There are various ways it differs from that in America. Here are the major differences.

Working hours

You will find most Americans working beyond their normal working hours. The Europeans, on the other hand, don’t work more than 40 hours a week. The employees also get better salary, benefits and work environment compared to the Americans.


You will see less number of cars on the roads of Europe than in America. The reason is that the public transportation in Europe is very good and you can go to most places using bus or train. The outstanding railway system connects the different European countries to each other. Europe is also more pedestrian friendly.


Europeans are less religious compared to the Americans. Most Europeans don’t think that religion is an important part of life. You will see fewer people visiting churches or other religious places compared to those in America.


Europeans have a better taste for clothes than the Americans. They also take dressing up seriously. Even if they go to a mall, they will dress up well, unlike the Americans. Even the kids in schools are very conscious about the way they dress up in Europe.

Once you move to Europe, you must get accustomed to these cultures and customs. Europeans are very friendly and they will help you in every way so that you can easily adapt to the lifestyle of the new country.

Top 4 countries to live in Europe

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There are some beautiful countries in Europe that you won’t find anywhere in the world. The countries are all close to each other; so you can hop around from one place to another easily. Europe has the finest culture and living standard. The economies, education system, medical care, housing, etc. are very strong here. Here are the best countries to live in Europe.


With beautiful architecture and landscape, Germany is one of the best places to live in Europe. The economy here is thriving. You will find good hospitals and shops throughout the country. There are jobs available in the technology, publishing, and other sectors. The energy and transportation sector is also improving, so you will find lots of jobs here.


Switzerland is renowned for their education system. There are some outstanding schools; so it is an ideal place to raise your children. Good housing is available. The crime rate is very low here. The banking system is very sophisticated. The infrastructures are great and the level of pollution is very low. The taxes are low too. It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.


This country has an outstanding education system, infrastructure, and housing. The crime rate is considerably low here. Language is not a barrier in this country as most people speak English. Technolgy and marketing fields are very demanding, so you can find good jobs in these sectors.


The economy is stable in this country and the standard of living is very high. It is a hub of culture and art. The hospitality sector is very strong here. So, if you have education and work in this sector then you will be able to secure a good job here. Learning French is essential to living in France. But if you know other European languages as well then you will definitely have an advantage in the job market.

The job market and living standards are very high in these countries. These are great places to raise your children also due to a strong economy, excellent education system and outstanding medical facilities. If you decide to move to Europe, choose one of these countries to live in.

Top 3 tips for finding a job in Europe

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Are you thinking of finding a job in Europe? There are some things you should learn before getting into the European job market. The economic and social conditions are different in every country. You should have good knowledge about the market to find a good job quickly. Here are some tips that can help you to find a job in Europe.

Learn about the job market

If you are undecided about which country you want to go then study the job market of a number of countries to find out which market has a better prospect for you.You should learn about the sectors that are in demand. It is better to go to a country where you will find a job that is in line with your field of study. You must learn about the company cultures, employment benefits, salary structures, career growth opportunities, etc.

Participate in career events

You should participate in job fairs to learn about the job market and search for jobs. It is a wonderful opportunity to build networks, know the employers and demonstrate your skills to the prospective employers. By attending job fairs, you will increase your chance of getting jobs.

Know your strength

The job market in Europe is quite saturated. You need to demonstrate your skills in such a way that you stand out from the rest. When writing a CV, make sure that you mention your education and previous job experiences. It is important to highlight your strengths to the prospective employers. Knowing languages like French and German are very important for getting a job in Europe. So, it is a good idea to get enrolled in a language class while you apply for jobs.

Job providers now look for people with specialized skills. So, you should focus on what you are good at and think of building your career on that track. You should write a good CV and do well in the interview to get a good job in Europe.