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Hello, I'm Mary.

There’s a song about a girl called Mary, written by George M. Cohan, and a very popular song in the 1900s. The first line said,

“It was Mary, Mary as plain as any name can be.”  The last line declared,

“It’s a grand old name.” And so it is.

I’m a mother, grandmother and aunt. My family consists of four children and two stepchildren, daughters-in-law, sons-in law and six grandchildren, a nephew and niece, and several adopted nephews and nieces—smile.

My husband went home to heaven in 2010 and I miss him.

Long ago I trained as a registered nurse and emerged from that experience unscathed, although a little shaken. You see I didn't want to be a nurse. But my benefactor insisted.

I wanted to act, and sing, and paint, and dance and write. All of which did not promise a steady income.

Today I write, I write books, and blogs and devotionals and articles.

Lots of people thought my first book Reverend Mother’s Daughter should be made into a movie. Mind you that cost millions, so I suppose a film company would really have to think it worthwhile.

My Shortcomings

I tend to lose things, a pen that I just placed there, at least I thought I did, or a pad where I’ve made notes. But then I find them, right where I put them. I tell myself to pay attention to what I’m doing, since my mind tends to wander to other matters that need my attention. But that’s how women are. We multitask. Confession time. I sometimes get upset with God and the way situations are going. But He’s patient with me and shows me through His Word, or something that someone says, that He’s in charge and I’m not. Can you relate to that?

My Blogs

I write to encourage and inspire. So often we look at the problem instead of the problem solver—Jesus. His words to us are uplifting. He tells us not to worry, not to take on the problem, but hand it over to Him. He also told us life would not be a bowl of cherries while we are here on earth. But I've discovered if you put your hand in the hand of the man from Galilee, He will pull you into His boat, and ride out the storm with you. In fact He’ll take the helm.

My Hobbies

Travel, history, books, books and more books. I love finding a spot in the sunshine and reading. To me it’s funny when people ask you to name your favourite book. How can anyone do that, when book-lovers read hundreds in their lifetime? Mind you the Bible stands apart from all the others.

I don’t know if following the world news on BBC is a hobby. Although it is fascinating to see how it lines up with Bible prophecy.

My Life Journey

Life for me started in England. My mother already married, had an affair outside of the marriage and here I am! Mind you back then it was shame and scandal in the family and I, the baby, was unaware of the kerfuffle my arrival had caused. Needless to say I was not welcome. My mother and her husband were housing Africans who were coming to England to study. And she falls for one of them—my dad!

A Mother Superior rescued me. She took me into her home for the aged and there I settled, surrounded by nuns, and maids who when I cooed at them doubtless cooed back. My benefactor started a home for children and I soon had playmates.

World War 11 had us children packed off to the south of England, where we were told the Germans wouldn't know where we were. Not true, they found out and we had to be spending half our time in the giant crate-like Morrison shelters. We didn't like the gas masks we had to carry wherever we went. The rubbery smell was awful.

Emergence into adulthood had me shaking in my boots. Far away from my benefactor I had suffered every type of abuse, sexual, racial, mental and physical. Now she wanted me to train as a nurse. She told me she  wouldn't always be there for me and I needed to have a profession. I cried and said I wanted to be an actress—go into show business, which my Reverend Mother saw as quite a vulgar aspiration.

I trained as a nurse and soon after married a romantic Italian who swept me off my feet. Four children and several years later he left me.

Fearful and crushed I kept going as best I could. Eventually I heard the good news of the Gospel and through a remarkable set of circumstances Jesus came into my life.

You should write a book people would say. And I did, because Believe Books in Washington asked me to do just that. Once the book was launched the responses were remarkable. Speaking engagements, radio interviews and the like kept me busy for a year.  In all of it people have shared their stories with me and I've been able to tell them that through all the trials Jesus is ready to help and comfort.

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